Getting Started in the Film Industry

Becoming a PA (Entry Level Position on a Film Set – Locations/On Set PAs and Office PAs)

Here are a few steps you can take to prepare yourself to work in the film industry

Take introductory courses*.

Course Name
Where to take it
Motion Picture Industry Orientation Course
(Note: recommended for everyone starting out)
Royal Roads University 
WHMIS Online through ActSafe BC
Traffic Control (for Locations PAs) BCCSA

Roadmasters Safety Group

Safety Awareness ActSafe – Can be offered in Victoria if we have
enough interest. Please email us for more

* Note that courses listed are not required unless you want to become a DGC union permittee, but they are still recommended to improve confidence and competence on a set and can increase chances of employment.

 Apply directly to a film or television production:

  • See what’s filming on the island and across BC on the CreativeBC Film List or the DGC Production List
  • Apply as a Locations PA, Office PA, or to a department that you have experience in (both union and non-union shows)

Create a Production Assistant resume and get on our PA list

  • A PA resume is: a one-page resume with your film, television or related experience and any certifications/licenses that are relevant.
  • Once you have at least one production on your resume, we can add your contact information to the ONLINE LOCAL CREW LIST as a PA or in a specific department where you have experience.
  • If you wish to set up an online crew profile (resume, availability, union affiliations, notes) please pay your membership fee with the Film Commission
  • We also have a PA MAILING LIST for those looking to gain entry into the industry. We try and send this list entry-level opportunities that we hear of. Not an official crew list–no membership required.
  • Note: this does not ensure employment. The Film Commission does not hire crew directly. We give the crew list password to Producers and Production Managers. A production that finds you from this list will contact you directly.

More Info on Becoming a PA

Entry Level Permittee Logbook Program

DGC PA Helper Manual

PA Survival Guide

Includes: role of the PA, info on the permittee program (becoming a union member), and a checklist of required courses.

Camera Trainee Program
Read more about the camera trainee program on the IATSE 669 website

Getting Additional Experience

Volunteer at one of Victoria’s Film
Intern at a Local TV Station
Approach Local Production
Medianet Chek News See our website for a list


Become a Member of the Film Commission (newsletter, invites to our mixers, events, and workshops)

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